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Fan Movie 'The Joker's Escape'

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 5:59 AM
"There's no place, hole or lair, where I could be at ease as here...Arkham Asylum..."                          - The Joker -


Hi Guys! There's a lot of news =)

All Saturday night we shooted a self-produced fan movie inspired by series of comics "Batman Arkham". Cameraworks were set ex-jail "Le Nuove" in Turin.
Here some pictures of shoots!

Joker by LadyGinevra Scarecrow by LadyGinevra  Joker's Madness by LadyGinevra Joker in front of Blue Screen by LadyGinevra  Riddler by LadyGinevra  Poison Ivy by LadyGinevra  Two Face by LadyGinevra Harley Quinn by LadyGinevra

CAST: Francesco Sanseverino, Maurizio Merluzzo, Ginevra Fusari, Paoletta Pasi, Ivan King, Simone Bisanzio, Jacopo Calatroni, Fabio Deri, Daniele Valtorta

Soon there will be NEW pictures! So stay tuned visiting Fan Movie "The Joker's Escape" (Official Facebook Page)



Director: Simone Lagrotteria
Cinematographer & Steadycam: Alessandro Mattiolo ∞ Junior Lucano []

Production Manager: Sara Suppini

First Assistant Director: Mattia Puleo

2nd Camera Operator: Vito Custodero

Crane Operator: Stefano Perlo []

First Assistant 1st Camera: Felice Gioia

First Assistant 2nd Camera: Michele Listello

Second Assistant Camera: Chloe Acher

Gaffer: Federico Sassi

Key Grip: Emanuele Cristini

Make-up Artist & Costume Designer: Francesco Sanseverino

Make-up Assist: Ginevra Fusari

Set Decorator: Alberto Vayra

Still Photographer & Video Backstage: Vito Custodero

Special thanks to Enrico Venditti & Trigomiro Creativo

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More Changes

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 4:06 AM
Hi there!! =)

There are so many changes now!
First of all I decided which university to attend after too much afterthoughts..I'm sure now and none will be able to make me change idea!

And second, I had respect for myself after various years =) and in these days this is the more important thing for me.


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Hey Yall! I'm back =)

First of all my thoughts are for Japan, for the people so full of dignity and sense of duty, even after losing relatives, friends, sons, parents, their homes, their security, their faith. Nevertheless they're working hard to rebuild everything quickly...
This makes me think a would we behaved if it had happened to us?

So I wanna share a very nice initiative that I'll do soon too

"Prayers from Cosplayers"

Hello everyone,
As you know on March 11th 2011 the massive Tohoku Earthquake
struck Northern Japan. As a small measure of assistance, we
would like to announce a campaign called "Prayers from
Cosplayers". Through this we can provide an opportunity for cosplayers around the world to send Japan messages of hope. Please send your pictures to the following web page with a message on an A4 size piece of paper or cardboard.

Please spread the word!

Best regards.


のコスプレイヤーがエールを送るキャンペーン「Prayers from

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Hi Everybody! =) this is my first post on deviantart..
I'd like to update my gallery but I prefer waiting my new website (so a personal logo for pictures too)
Meanwhile you can visit my blog
You can ask me everything on Formspring
My account
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